RICHIES - Gimme Action (Cover Artwork)


Gimme Action (2022)

Mutant Pop

For those who are unaware, RICHIES are often referred to as the "German Ramones" and for good reason. This trio dominated the 90s with their brand of powerful pop punk and power pop. Many consider them the first true Ramonescore band. What we have here are 8 tracks from the first four RICHIES full lengths. Pop punk fans should pay special attention given the obscurity of both the band and their releases.

The instrumental track "Let's Joust, Dr. OI" kicks of the 8 song set. This track comes from their Pet Summer album. This downstroke heavy track sets the tone for what is yet to come. "Let's Rock" is called out after the chaotic intro to this banger. The chord changes are very quick and tight. "I've Got a Bush" from "Spring Surprise" follows. This track boasts RICHIES' thundering rhythm section. This rocker also highlights a catchy bridge with a solid guitar solo. Even upon reading the lyric sheet, I still do not get the meaning of this track! RICHIES turn to the classic Ramones sound both musically and lyrically on "Cockroach in the Basement" which follows. Pop punk fans will feel at home right from the catchy intro. This track showcases a higher vocal range than other songs on this release. Another song from "Spring Surprise" titled "Come On" follows. This is a poppy love song which showcases the power pop side of the band. This one is not unlike a Dan Vapid fronted Riverdales tune. RICHIES churn out classic 90s pop punk with "You Don't Know" from the "Spring Surprise" album. Many first heard this style of pop punk from Screeching Weasel's My Brain Hurts LP. Little did most know what this German band was also producing in 1991! A John Jughead style guitar lead kicks this track off. Strong but subtle backing vocals often heard in bands like Parasites are present. This is a fun track about confronting your alcoholic buddy who is always drunk. "Falling" sees the band tackle the classic Ramones sound again. The vocal delivery on this track is straight out of the Joey Ramone playbook. The catchy chorus makes this a standout track. Unlike "You Don't Know", this song glorifies partying and drinking, showing that these boys like to have a good time. "Have A Party Tonight" glorifies the excitement of a California summer night. This track about sun, fun, surfing and the beach sounds like it could have been lifted off an early Manges LP. "Action" is the closing track on this collection. This song takes on the classic garage punk sound heard previously from bands such as the Stooges or Cramps. This track from the "Why Lie? Need A Beer!" album rocks at a nice and steady pace. Strong backing vocals accompany this track. This is the perfect track to choose to close the collection as it shows the band's versatility.

The resurgence of 90s pop punk and Ramonescore continues to grow thanks to many fans, bands and labels worldwide. Consider this a history lesson in Ramonescore. I expect collectors such as myself to eagerly seek out any and all RICHIES releases. Lace up your Chucks and rock!