Heart to Gold - Tom (Cover Artwork)

Heart to Gold

Tom (2022)

Memory music

Heart to Gold is a rock band from the north side of Minneapolis, MN. This area has always been a great breeding ground for punk and indie rock. The group is a three-piece and is led by guitarist/vocalist Grant Whiteoak. Tom was released April 8 and is the groups second full length effort and the first since Comp way back in 2018.

They are likely to find some overlap in fans with bands like Prince Daddy and the Hyena and Mom Jeans, but their style is distinct from those bigger bands. Tom, more than previous efforts, sees the band take some real stylistic shifts and risks. There are bluesy guitar riffs and sparse, simple noodling moments as well. You will not find the power chords and mosh-inducing moments from Comp, but the energy is still palpable. 

One of the album standouts is lead single "Respect". The song could easily be a rallying cry for American's born in the last 30 years due to the opening lyric, "It doesn't matter how hard you fucking work/Get anywhere, they still don't know your worth". The album grapples with issues of finding your place and personal value in a world that is growing more isolated and cruel. Familiar themes around god and religion are present, but not as front-and-center as previous works.

The real standout on the album is the closer, "Mary". If you only have time to listen to one song on this album please start here. You will get the full spectrum of the bands range on this six-and-a-half minute jam. You will get the punk at the front end, the dreamy sing along in the middle, and the raucous closing scream along to close things out.