Cursive / No Knife - live in Chicago (Cover Artwork)
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Cursive / No Knife

live in Chicago (2003)

live show

As much as I don't support the U.S.'s decision to go to war in Iraq, I wish the protesters on Thursday night in Chicago could have chosen a different night or a location other than Lake Shore Drive to do their demonstration. A drive, which normally takes me under a half hour, turned into a two hour and fifteen minute adventure to get to the Metro to see Cursive, No Knife, Small Brown Bike, and The Ghost.

So thanks to the traffic I completely missed The Ghost and Small Brown Bike. But at least the demonstration got its point across. As for The Ghost, I love this band. I have seen them a few times before, and I was really looking forward to seeing them again. I just picked up the Thick Records Oil Compilation CD and am hooked on The Ghost's contribution to the CD. If you do not own this CD, you need to pick it up. It is amazing. Anyways, this Chicago native band always put on amazing live show. Check out their full length "This is a Hospital" on Some Records. If you are a fan of Cursive, you will love these guys. Their lyrics are sophisticated and unique, with amazing guitar skills. I am not going to be too much help on Small Brown Bike. I have heard a lot about them but have not yet had the chance to see them live. From what I've heard, I've liked, and they are known to put on a pretty impressive show. I guess I will just have to wait until next time.

The first bad I got to see for the night was No Knife. In October of last year I saw them in Seattle when they opened for Jimmy Eat World. That was the first time I had ever heard them, and I was hooked. I have been listening to them ever since, and was stoked to see them again. They are a five-piece band, with a keyboard. Their sound is all their own. I find it hard to compare them to anyone else. My advice, check them out for yourself if you have not already. Their latest album, Riot For Romance released in Fall 2002 on Better Looking Records, is a must have. Go get it.

I feel inferior when I write about Cursive. They are too amazing to praise. Anything I write seems inadequate. Again, their set was flawless, which was no surprise to me. And they played a bunch of new tracks off their newest release The Ugly Organ. One of the best characteristics of Cursive, besides their cello, is how they never forget to leave out any of their amazing old songs. Although their new album just came out, they still wooed the crowd with songs from Domestica, and Burst and Bloom. Lead singer Tim Kasher had one of the best voices I have heard in a long time. He is innovative and unique, creating his own style and trademark. The Metro was pretty packed by the time Cursive took the stage. This band is getting a lot of exposure and support. When I saw them in Seattle it was a sold out show, and last night the metro got close to selling out. On a side note, Cursive had some pretty cool new merch I was temped to buy. You would be stupid to not check these guys out if they come through your town. This is what real talent sounds like.

What a welcome back to Chicago. If only I was able to see all the bands, but hey, I got to see Cursive, and that just made my whole spring break. All these bands are amazing, so if you ever get a chance to see any of them, jump on it. You will get to hear some good music, and see some great people perform.