Consumed - Pistols At Dawn (Cover Artwork)


Pistols At Dawn (2003)


The boys from Britain are back, and with this, their third release, have brought with them a much more polished sounding album. With two releases on Fat Wreck Chords under their belts, Consumed have switched labels for "Pistols At Dawn", and have released it on BYO.

"Pistols At Dawn" definitely shows a tighter sounding effort, and it gives the impression that the band has matured both musically and in terms of song writting. The album weighs in at 12 songs, along with a secret song that sounds like a midi of a song from their album "Hit For Six" (dont ask). In case you aren't familiar with Consumed, they have a pop punk sound, with elements of metal, rock, etc, mixed in. Also, you may want to learn some british slang before listening to it, as it'll help you understand some of the lyrics which would otherwise just confuse you.

Personal favourites on this album would be "ready to strike" and "take it on the chin", although I couldn't find one weak song on the entire album. If you're a consumed fan, I'd seriously recommend picking this album up, as it is possibly their best work to date. If you're new to consumed, I'd suggest checking out some mp3's first, as some people have described them as being an acquired taste.

Production of the album was once again handled by Andy Sneap, who has produced all of their previous releases. The production and mastering sound excellent, and I found that the guitars sounded especially good. As I mentioned before, I can't recommend this album enough for Consumed fans. If you've never heard them before, you should check an mp3, because they definitely warrant a listen.