Social Cinema - Causing Scenes (Cover Artwork)

Social Cinema

Causing Scenes (2022)


Midwestern punks Social Cinema dredge indie-pop into the grimy ballroom floors of Wichita, Kansas with Causing Scenes.

The extended-play jolts alive to four-on-the-floor drums, moog, and guitars with "Star Quality," the crisp opener showcasing the quintet's effortless energy, as well as symbiotic vocals from guitarist Griffin Bush and synth player/backup singer Mari Crisler. "Under Control" dips into new wave pop, giant choruses, and a killer intro from bassist Austin Engler and drummer/Bush-brother Logan. The rhythm section carries the entire release on their backs this way, with precise, clever backbones and spectacular tone.

"Waiting by the Phone" blends more digi-claps and dance, and with an infectious hook from lead guitarist Reed Tiwald. The total home run is followed by the spastic bummer "Why'd You Have to Be So Cold," stretching Bush's vocals all over the melodic scale. There is a power in his register and pitch that commands every line of the record. After an A guitar solo and soft keys bridge, the tune smashes into heavy builds before resolving to the beautiful soundscape of "Another Round." This song reads like a Cure standard, but with the polish and dynamics of CSS or Does It Offend You, Yeah.

A very pretty little interlude cleverly stapled to the end of the previously mentioned number eases into album closer "Say Hi If You See Me," highlighting the slowest tempo and most intimate writing of the EP. Bush's angst on full display to a slow jam that would fit easily on the Breakfast Club or any other Hughes movie score. A great moment, and a terrific way to carefully shut the doors to the complete piece.

This band is incredibly smart, and I look forward to more from Social Cinema. Causing Scenes is the type of release you find from veteran songwriters that know exactly what they want after years of different approaches, a desire to create music concert-goers can dance to, and a high level of trust in both their collective musicianship and album production. Super fun EP.