Black Russians - Communist Dudes (Cover Artwork)

Black Russians

Communist Dudes (2022)

Outloud! Records

Black Russians have certainly been making waves in the pop punk community. They literally came out of nowhere a few years ago to rage war on the Ramonescore scene. Like many other bands in the genre, they come from parts unknown. You will have to use your own judgement upon listening to potentially hear some familiar voices. Previously, the band has released one full length, multiple split releases and countless compilation appearances. Communist Dudes sees the band truly taking control of their own sound and niche within the scene.

"Nuke The Moon" starts the sonic slaughter which is Communist Dudes. The track starts with the type of lead off track for a pop punk album that lets you know where you are going. The raspy vocals fit well with the lyrical content of this song and the rest of the album. The backing vocals scream about the destruction of the Universe. Metallic guitar riffing is present all over "Black Death" which follows. This song about disease is both powerful and strong. "Blood In My Hands" is a pop punk standout for this album. This track is equally poppy and sugary which shows the band's agility in spreading their message. Amazing vocal ranges are present in the chorus. The mid paced ballad "Break You" follows. This track features a catchy sing-a-long outro of "I'll break you, I must break you." The fast and furious "Phantom Cosmonaughts" follows with its quick and fast chord changes. "Russian Sleep" contains classic Iron Maiden style galloping bass and guitar leads, which showcases the heavy metal side of Black Russians. The tempo returns to mid-pace on "Hell Screams." This track boasts a catchy yet repetitive chorus. The band tackles 1980s Ramones on "Communist Dudes." This super catchy track is carried by amazing backing vocals. Black Russians take a turn to the dark side on "Pentagram Of Fire" which follows. This song about calling upon Lucifer is dark in both melody and tone.  An epic outro is present which contains a slick guitar solo and backing whoa's. "Dylatov Pass" shows the band return to the classic 90s pop punk sound. Similar to a band like Horror Section, this song is equally sugary sweet and evil! The very Ramonescore "Winter" is up next.  Another standout track showcases extremely powerful and confident vocals. This track highlights the preference of the cold and freezing moon to the summer. This punk style continues on "We're Inly In It For The Blood" which takes us towards the end of the album. This Punk N Roll track is full of buzzsaw guitars and backing vocal whoa's. "Satan USSR II" completes this sophomore Black Russians album. This is yet another track about hailing the dark lord and taking over the world. This is the band's rally cry which is accompanied with heavy riffing and guitar solos. If you didn't know what the band was about throughout the album, this final track will leave no doubt.

Black Russians have secured a solid niche in the pop punk community. Unlike most of their contemporaries, the band focuses less on classic themes of self-doubt and love. Instead, the songs show strength and confidence through hailing the dark side. Musically too, the band relies on heavy metal riffing and solos to portray their message. This album never lets up from the get go. If you are looking for a heavier tinged pop punk album, then this is the one you have been looking for.