School Drugs - Absolution [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)

School Drugs

Absolution [7-inch] (2022)

Indecision Records

New Jersey's School Drugs dig out the second chapter of their Funeral Arrangements series with Absolution, and the grieving process is only becoming more brutal.

Picking up right where 2021's Visitation closed, the 45 opens to blazing riffs with "No Taste," showcasing the quartet's razor sharp hardcore punk and a lightning quick session from bassist Edgar Bakhtiyarov. Vocalist Josh Jurk's signature, precise delivery commands the opener that would fit stylistically with 2018's Relative Suffering.

Broken fires on next, increasing the tempo stapled to the back of drummer Chris Pierce, who has proven throughout his entire discography an expert level nuance between clean kick work and pristine pockets, all while opening up the sludge and slop when necessary for the mood of the song. He truly is a total-package punk drummer. The chaos is lined with a classic School Drugs style eerie bridge. Complete with clever, unnerving dual performances from guitarists Bobco and Sam Maynard.

The resolve is unveiled with the giant introduction of "Cold Hearted" before slamming shut as quickly as it arrived. As their untouchable catalog speaks for itself, School Drugs continue to hone a perfect blend of 80's hardcore thanks to meticulous musicianship and a keen respect for timeless writing, the proper production techniques, and real, analog reverb. (The shit with the springs.) As usual the boys knocked another one out of the park, and the funeral semester is far from over. Killer album.