Hayley and the Crushers - Modern Adult Kicks (Cover Artwork)

Hayley and the Crushers

Modern Adult Kicks (2022)

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The self-proclaimed “poolside glitter trash” band is back! If you have been following Hayley and the Crushers, then you are full aware of how active this trio has remained over the past few years. This band has appeared on multiple compilations and EPs, and now offers up their fourth full length LP entitled “Modern Adult Kicks.” If a pro-wrestling main event of the Ramones VS the Go Go’s with Josie Cotton as the referee sounds like a good time, then please read on.

The steady paced “Taboo” kicks off this ten set collection of the Crushers' own brand of surfy pop punk. This 80s new wave style track drops out for the vocals in the chorus after the rocking intro. In classic commercial radio format, the band turns up the notch for a bombastic chorus to get the blood flowing. The band takes a darker turn on “Cul De Sac” which follows. This slower paced rocker boasts a solid moving baseline courtesy of bassist Dr Reid Cain in the chorus. This is overlayed with a gentle yet effective guitar line. Hayley shows her guitar playing abilities on the surf-style guitar solo in the bridge. “She Drives” serves as one of the album’s most standout tracks for me personally. This song kicks right in with killer dual vocals. This steady paced anthem is complete with handclaps to carry the rhythm. The catchy vocal line in the outdo of “She drives like she’s running from something” will stay in your head for days. “Broken Window” takes on a more contemporary punk sound. There is some of the most heaviest guitar riffing on this album heard on this track. The classic 1990’s Lookout Records style “I Fall” follows. This pop-punk gem of a song is about meeting that special someone in your life. Dr Reid Cain’s upper octave playing in the bridge of the song is a major highlight. The Crushers kick it up to Ramonescore speed on “Click And Act Now!” This song is a killer blend of the Muffs and Screeching Weasel for those keeping track at home. This track seems to be about giving into marketing and thinking you need to improve yourself and your looks. “Lost Cause” is a standard steady pace rocker which seems to be the classic “Hayley and the Crushers” sound. This song tells the tale of losing a romantic partner. The poppy “California Sober” kicks things back up a notch. Vocally, this song boasts Hayley’s amazing vocal range. She sounds as confident as ever on this track. The drums are pounded like a jack-hammer during the chorus which aids to the power of the song. The band returns to more of a classic 80s new wave sound on “No Substitute.” This is a love song about being loyal to one man. The powerful chorus boasts some great keys to accentuate the sound. This is the type of song which could have easily appeared on a movie soundtrack. “Overexposed” is the concluding track on “Modern Adult Kicks.” This surf-punk number tells the tale of how one’s online persona differs from reality. This is an extremely contemporary subject for today’s social climate. Hayley sings about the pitfalls of what it is like to want to be famous.

Hayley and the Crushers stay true to their retro influence on this new album. This style sets them apart from all their contemporaries in the underground pop punk community. They have continued to properly and effectively blend both sound and image to provide a garage rock meets pop punk package for us to consume. “Modern Adult Kicks” is an appropriate title for this collection which would appeal more to an older and more sonically critical punk rocker. Hayley and the Crushers continue to carve a unique niche for themselves in the punk rock scene.