Social Cinema - Repeat (Cover Artwork)

Social Cinema

Repeat (2022)


Midwest post-pop's Social Cinema issued a powerhouse rebuttal to their Causing Scenes debut with Repeat.

The Wichita, Kansas/Lincoln, Nebraska transplants fire the record open with "On A Roll," steering the outfit to a much heavier locale than before. Fuzzy leads from Reed Tiwald crunch into Griffin Bush's incredible vocal range as if a marriage of QOTSA and Porno For Pyros was present, and with the classic Social Cinema pop sensibility. "Loner" is carefully wrapped with synth leads and duel vocals from Mari Crisler, not to mention another anthem sopping with hooks.

"Without You" expands the moog even deeper, with a droop in bpm and the natural ambience of house band drop-outs and acoustic guitar. The production of the EP is an incredible color; thanks not only to the band's self-engineering and sonic risk-taking, but to all of the instrumentalists' tight and trusted weave around drummer Logan Bush, who commands the entire session. "Pointless Conversation" is a new-wave titan, packed to the brim with soft keys, clean guitar leads, and Future Island/The Cure leadership from bassist Austin Engler. Spectacular song.

"I Wanna Make It" opens to lone guitar and vocals a-la Car Seat Headrest, really nailing down the "mandatory slow-jam" element of the band's aesthetic, even melting into drum machines and a giant chorus of vocal layers on the way out. "Heaven" warms in with a beautiful introductory composition, tying Bush's full-kit showcase to a satisfying album closer full of retrospect and more effortless vocal pairing from Bush and Crisler.

Much like the predecessor, Repeat literally fits up to the title. This band has a very premeditated, experience soaked, and successful formula that continues to work extremely well, and the sophomore release nestles perfectly against the last. Social Cinema is a powerful collaborative force of five musicians that have nothing but strong momentum and a bright future ahead of them. Great record.