Nightmarathons - Hidden Vigorish (Cover Artwork)


Hidden Vigorish (2022)

A-F Records

The album comes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Nightmarathons and is the follow up to their 2019 full length Missing Parts. Released in October via A-F Records, this record is 11 tracks of catchy melodic punk excellence.

The album kicks off with an absolute scorcher asking the question "Do you want to get better?" and continues with a Midwestern sounding vigor that never relents. With hints of Against Me!, Hot Water Music, and Iron Chic, among others, this album is chock full of tunes with extreme passion and anthematic singalong choruses. I'm a sucker for punk bands that incorporate give and take vocal harmonies and this one satisfies that craving.

My personal favorites from the album are "Better," "Senseless," "Complicated," "Enough," "Deadline," and "Not the End."