Siblings Of Samhain - Trioxin (Cover Artwork)

Siblings Of Samhain

Trioxin (2023)

we are horror records

UK Horror Rockers Siblings of Samhain are back with a new EP of shock and terror. This time, they choose the gas-liquid known as trioxin from the Return of the Living Dead series as the subject matter. This substance makes the dead arise in the form of, you guessed it, zombies! Siblings of Samhain have had quite the career in the mere manner of just a few years. "Trioxin" marks the band's third proper EP. The band has two full-length albums in their discography as well. I had previously heard the band initially from a label sampler from We Are Horror Records who put out this release. This EP takes the listener on a true roller coaster musically and emotionally.

"Trioxin Theme" opens up this 6 song set of zombified horror. This track effectively sets the tone of the EP through a slow and heavy guitar riff. The repetitive rhythm is accompanied by an equally subtle and sinister guitar lead to add to the eeriness. The track ends with a zombified gang vocal chant of "Brains" which is exactly what they are seeking. "Back From the Grave" continues this tale of rising from the dead and going after what you seek. Siblings of Samhain musically stick to effective yet repetitive guitar riffing to support the multi-range vocal patterns. This track specifically boasts the catchy chorus of "The Dead Are Back From The Grave, They're Ready To Party" This track is reminiscent of Michale Graves era Misfits. Siblings of Samhain take a more soulful approach on "They Want Brains" which follows. The industrial-style drum beat carries this track rhythmically.  The band uses subtlety in both synth and backing vocals to let the lead vocal shine. "Die For Her" is a full on thrash metal attack. This track starts with solid keyboards that lead into the insane guitar riffing which would get any dance floor moving. The track also boasts an amazing and powerful bridge that showcases some great keyboard magic. The band turns to 1990's style horror punk on "Zombie Soldiers Are Go". This fast and upbeat punk rocker is complete with whoa's in the chorus. Listeners will be taken back to the first time they heard bands like AFI and Tiger Army.  The short and sweet "Z" closes out the story of brain hungry zombies. This final track features a guess guitar solo by Medico of the band Send More Paramedics.

As a long time fan of punk, I have always been intrigued by the EP format. Unlike a full-length, you have a shorter time in which to sell the audience on the message you are trying to convey through music. Siblings of Samhain on "Trioxin" have succeeded in showcasing equally what they can produce vocally, musically and lyrically in under 15 minutes. This band would be a good introduction for anyone seeking out what the current horror punk scene has to offer. Siblings of Samhain encompass all the best elements of punk, metal and horror rock. I will be spending time moving backwards through their discography.