Strike Anywhere/The Exit/Majority Rule - live in New York City (Cover Artwork)

Strike Anywhere / The Exit / Majority Rule

live in New York City (2003)

live show

Best show ever. Seriously. I'm not really one who has the experience to say this (I've probably been to around a dozen or so shows, darn this darn location and my increasing laziness), but it still holds. Having been a fan of Strike Anywhere for a while, I was looking forward to seeing them to live, to say the least. I'd read reviews of their shows here and when I knew I would finally be attending one, you can just imagine my reaction. Hehehe!!!!!

One thing about the venue (Tribeca Rock Club); it was pretty small. Actually, intimate seems like a more fitting word. It was nice though, there were enough people in attendance so it wasn't overcrowded but nicely attended. Nice. It was nice.

The first opener, Majority Rule, didn't really strike me in any special way [see that, that's foreshadowing because the previous sentence mentions "strike" and Strike Anywhere would be playing later in the night. I do that kinda thing all the time]. The trio played brutal hardcore, with unintelligible screaming and an overall sloppy sound. That, however, could have been due to the actual sound at the show. I think the sound guy hadn't perfected the sound yet with Majority Rule, because the bass seemed to reign over everything else. You know the bass is too loud when you can feel your colon quake. And it hurts. Both the guitarist and bassist screamed vocals, but it was the kind of screaming that sounds like you're in pain, rather than screaming as an affect. Pretend that a "boner" is an actual bone, and then you compound fracture it. That's what Majority Rule sounded like. I did enjoy, though, witnessing all the hardcore dancing. All of the one person dancing.

Next up was The Exit, who I couldn't help but compare to The Police. The singer/bassist played Police-esque riffs, reminiscent of "Message in a Bottle" or "Walking on the Moon." He also randomly yelped like Sting used to do, which added to the comparison. The Police own, though, so I thought The Exit was pretty good. The guitarist played with some reverb/echo effect on the whole time, which sounded pretty cool in my opinion. They had an energetic set and got the crowd involved, which is vital to a good show. I probably should have picked up their album at the show, but I'll get it in due time. The Exit rockedc0re and set the stage for what was to come.

From the opening chord to "You're Fired," I knew I was in for a good time. No, not just a good time, a GREAT time! L-O-L!!!!!! The entire venue exploded when Strike Anywhere hit the stage, and no one ceased to flip out or rock out until the show was over. During the forty five minutes or so that their set lasted, fists flew in the air, sweat flew off bodies, people flew off the stage, and I myself flew off Earth and onto Cloud Nine!! This was one of the best shows I've ever been to; I'd say it's legitimately in my top 3. The band played with ferocity and intensity, and I think the fact that the singer has massive dreads added to the overall zaniness. There's not much else I can say, as it is truly something you have to witness yourself. They played a new song which sounded awesome and said the new album will be out September 30th, to which I say "fuck yeah." You can't forget, though, that they are a political band, and they often spoke of the issues present in a song before they started playing it. The singer also turned the mic to the crowd and asked if anyone had special announcements to make, regarding protests, rallies, or the like, which I think is admirable and mandatory in times like these.

Plainly put, this show kicked my ass. I'll admit the first third wasn't too inspiring, but that was made up for later on. You know a show was worth it when you come out of the venue feeling nauseous, lightheaded, soaked from your sweat and the sweat of others, and euphoric. Yeah, I think that pretty much covers it. I'll be seeing Strike Anywhere again on May 31st at "Friendly Fest 3" in Wallingford, CT and after experiencing this, I just cannot wait any longer! Heheheh!!!

Strike Anywhere's set list:
You're Fired
Timebomb Generation
Sunset on 32nd
New song (something like "Some Day We'll Never Know," not too sure on that one)
Chorus of One
Riot of Words
Three on a Match
Laughter in a Police State
Cassandratic Equation