Metrics - Demo 2022 (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Demo 2022 (2022)


Metrics, hailing from Barcelona, play lightning fast synth-punk. But, whereas some synth-punk totally eschews the raw power of a feedback washed guitar, Metrics bolts a robo-synth on top of the roaring deluge. It works really, really well. At under 10 minutes, Metrics debut is a quick blast. The establishes their theme and gets out, with the theme being paranoia and angst against the modern world. “Pope” has the refrain “no Pope, no king, no more!” I particularly like how the song gradually slows down, as if the band is a machine running down.

“Bad Communication,” which has a hardcore garage punk strike splits into a bleeping synth backdrop while the band hisses at how corporations have controlled how we literally communicate with each other. That’s pretty scary, when you think about it. This band is fast and wild, but there’s a cold intelligence driving the manic blast.

The band follows the same formula for all five track here, but that’s not a problem because it works so well. With a little more variety allowed via a full platter, this band could cut an album of the year contender for sure.