Where Fear And Weapons Meet - Control (Cover Artwork)

Where Fear And Weapons Meet

Control (2003)


There are certain times were I want a record to capture me within a second. Just good ol' fashion old-school hardcore I can fuck shit up to. Well this 6 track EP has done it for me, at close to 15 mintues. South Florida's WFAWM don't waste anytime letting your ear know its in for some serious hearing damage.

First thing to come to mind when listening to this EP are two bands: Sick Of It All and Madball. The first track "Turning The Tide" is an example of want this EP is all about: aggressive guitar playing, drum bashing, with catchy sing-a-longs you can mosh to. However, this description can be best heard in the second track(and personally my fav) "Figure It Out." The first minute of the track all you hear is guitar riffs and rapid-firing drumming that gets you in the mood to fuck shit up. Other favorite tracks of mine are "End In Sight" and "Other Face."

Just to provide background info on this band, WFAWM's members particpated in other projects (Against All Authority, Keepsake, Morning Again) as well. The production done by Jeremy Staska (Keepsake, Poison The Well) has captured the essence of this EP as not being too polished yet the sound flows like water.

For all the ol' school hardcore fans that can't wait for a new Sick Of It All album, I urge you to check this out as well some of their old stuff on Revelation Records. And then maybe me and you could wait together until another release by this great band.