The Cola Heads - Bottoms Up (Cover Artwork)

The Cola Heads

Bottoms Up (2023)

Cursed Blessings Records

Hailing from the vibrant punk scene of Toronto, The Cola Head's explosive return with their latest album, 'Bottoms Up', is nothing short of a raucous musical pilgrimage. This 10-track revelation marks their first full-length release since their incendiary 7" debut, 'Die Young', back in 2015, catapulting them back into the punk rock spotlight.

Released under the banner of Cursed Blessings Records, 'Bottom's Up' is a sonic rollercoaster, courtesy of the band's raw energy and impeccable craftsmanship. Engineered by the acclaimed Liam Jaegar, renowned for his work with 'The Balconies', this album packs a punch, pulling the listener into a frenetic journey reminiscent of punk's golden era.

The album kicks off with a frenzy, the first four tracks channeling the spirit of The Circle Jerks, notably echoing the raw, unapologetic vibes of 'Wild on the Streets'. The vocals, reminiscent of Keith Morris's fiery delivery, catapult the listener into a whirlwind of rebellious fervor, setting the tone for an adrenaline-fueled ride.

However, the tempo takes a turn on the 5th and 6th tracks. The instrumental 5th track showcases a surprising twist, the synthesizer taking center stage, orchestrating an eerie yet captivating ambiance. 'Kayleigh', a standout piece, channels the spirit of The Cramps, seamlessly blending Horror Punk with Noise Punk, creating a spine-chilling yet magnetically enthralling experience.

Yet, it's the album's pinnacle, 'Killer Bee', that steals the spotlight. The closing track wastes no time in capitalizing on the band's relentless energy, serving as a thunderous finale that encapsulates the album's vibrant essence. It's a powerhouse track that leaves an indelible mark, solidifying the album's legacy.

What sets 'Bottoms Up' apart is its immaculate production, flawlessly capturing The Cola Head's raw essence while infusing it with a confident, polished sound. The synergy between the band's uninhibited vigor and Liam Jaegar's expertise has birthed an album that stands tall within Cursed Blessings Records' illustrious catalog.

In sum, 'Bottoms Up' is a resounding testament to The Cola Head's artistic evolution and punk rock prowess. With each track carving its unique niche while adhering to the album's cohesive spirit, it's a formidable addition to the annals of punk rock history. As The Cola Head's reintroduce themselves with this spirited opus, they solidify their place among punk's unyielding torchbearers.