Lily Livers - Hangover Shades [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)

Lily Livers

Hangover Shades [7-inch] (2023)

hey pizza! records

The Lily Livers have been playing a unique blend of punk and straight up rock n roll for a handful of years. To date, they have two full length records on the Outloud Records label. "Hangover Shades" makes up the A side of the single. This song starts with a strong drum intro. This song boasts both a solid mid-tempo pace accompanied by quick chord changes. The verses are effectively palm muted to accentuate the lead vocals. The chorus features true 90s style guitar solos previously heard in bands such as the Queers and Screeching Weasel. The Livy Livers perform a key change in the bridge which prevents this short but sweet song from becoming monotonous. Finally, the structure of the song is not your standard verse-chorus-verse. The band packs a lot in two minutes.

The Lily Livers brings the party on "Vomit Pizza" which makes the B side of this single. The tempo here is slightly slower compared to "Hangover Shades." The drum beat throughout is pounding which adds to the power of the track. This track features both impressive vocal range and backing vocals. This short song also contains a solid music interlude that leads right into a tasty guitar solo. The vocal line of "get fucked up and vomit pizza" will be stuck in your head for days.

Detroit's Lily Livers take their musical output to a new direction on this single. Fans of classic Ramonescore will eat these two songs up. I am most curious to see if the band continues in this direction or continues their blend of punk and rock n' roll. Regardless, this single was a welcome addition to my end of the year listening. I look forward to what the band delivers in the coming year.