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Spiritual Cramp

Spiritual Cramp (2023)

Blue Grape Music

I had not heard of the band Spiritual Cramp until recently. They're billed as an 80s throwback band, with influences from reggae era The Clash, Talking Heads and Blitz. I did not hear much Blitz, which is more a chugging throaty oi band that most people know because so many other bands have versions of "Banned From the Pubs" (Filth, Kings of Nuthin, Peter and the Testube Babies, etc.). I did hear alot of dub/reggae era Clash and the vocalist's voice sounds alot like Ian Curtis from Joy Division. He more talks than sings.

The songs are catchy with Talking on the Internet and the final track Addict being my favorites. There's not much variety though, so they all kind of sound the same and blur together. Apparently this a retool for the band, and they were going for a trimmer, more efficient sound than other albums. I need to check out the rest of their discography to compare before commenting.

The album was short but sweet. Efficiency was achieved if this was their goal. I liked it enough to take a look at their other stuff.