Bloodstains - Anti-Social [7-inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Anti-Social [7-inch] (2023)

Hostage Records

In February 2024 Orange County’s very own Bloodstains released their debut, self-titled album. The record flew off the metaphorical shelves. Talk of the band and their album spread like wildfire. What caused this? Their first release was their 2020 demo, but it wasn’t until November of last year when they released their Anti-Social 7-inch that the general punk scene really took notice.

The Anti-Social 7-inch is a perfect peak into what Bloodstains are aiming for sound-wise. The members were clearly influenced by the pioneering bands of the Orange County punk scene. The title track is heavily reliant on the repeating, high-pitched guitar riff that follows the melody of the chorus. And while this and the gruff vocals catch most of your attention, it is worth listening extra closely to intricacy of the hulking bassline. Overall, “Anti-Social” is a very catchy track so it's no wonder the band included it on their (now) three releases.

The other two songs on the EP lean much more on the hardcore punk side of things. Unlike “Anti-Social,” you will only find them on this record in particular. “Burning Son” has an Milo Goes To College-era Descendents vibe with a more aggressive twist to it, from the yelling vocals to the choppy chord progressions. And “Extinction” seems to be the middle ground between the other two tunes. The shortest of the three, the vocals are more melodic than they are on “Burning Son,” but the hardcore influence is much more apparent than “Anti-Social.” It's where you hear some impressive yelling, jangly guitars, and some wicked bass fills. At just barely over a minute long, “Extinction” is straight and to the point. No filler.

The Anti-Social 7-inch is a really great introduction to a band that has blown up in popularity -- especially since late 2023. If you’re a fan of what you hear on this record, you will be pretty thrilled with their self-titled LP. Bloodstains is a band that is doing the SoCal punk scene very proud. Keep an eye on them.

You can listen to this EP here.