Beerwolf - Common Grief (Cover Artwork)
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Common Grief (2023)

Resist Records

Private Function, The Chats, Amyl And The Sniffers, C.O.F.F.I.N., Clowns, Frenzal Rhomb, Leatherman — all of these bands have released some amazing music over the last half decade. The Australian scene has clearly been killing it lately. And to back that claim up even further, we need to look at Beerwolf’s latest full-length, Common Grief.

Common Grief will no doubt be an album that will cause many to facepalm, realizing that they are “late to the party.” A record that rips this hard should not have gone under the radar like it did when it was initially released in very late 2023.

For those who are not familiar with Beerwolf’s sound, the band tends to land between melodic hardcore and melodic thrash, filled to the brim with incredibly catchy riffs. It’s the lead track, “Grief Tourists,” that really establishes these aspects of their sound on this record, and it sets the tone of the band’s lyrics, most notably with the amazing outro chant: “Closed! Casket! Open! Bar!/Closed! Casket! Open! Bar!/Closed! Casket! Open! Bar!“

“Buried Scores” shows the more anthemic side of Beerwolf’s sound. The lead singer’s raspy voice being backed by the impressive, clean gang vocals is an amazing vocal mixture. “Quick Fix” also has some of the same intricate vocals, but the buzzy guitar octave and massive drums during the choruses that really make this track stand out. “Death Of The Party” is also very much worth mentioning because of Beerwolf’s fantastic ability to write a pre-chorus that adds so much anticipation for a crazy-catchy chorus melody. Once again, the huge gang singing appears, but it’s the guitar work that is really outstanding - huge bends, crunchy palm muting, and wailing leads over the singing. Who ever was in charge of the guitar production in particular on this album should get a raise.

“Sick Club” slows things down considerably. It’s led by haunting and high-pitch guitar notes, and calmer drums. Interestingly, the lead vocals are just as powerful and intense as they are on other tracks, yet the backing vocals are much more subdued.

To put it bluntly, Common Grief is a stellar album. After a first listen, you will be utterly shocked at how killer it is. The members of Beerwolf are absolutely relentless on this record. Do some catch-up homework and listen to Common Grief immediately.

You can listen to this album here.