Nihiloceros - Skipper [Digital Single] (Cover Artwork)


Skipper [Digital Single] (2024)

Totally Real records

Brooklyn juggernauts Nihiloceros return with a new lineup, new single, and a new album on the horizon. Skipper takes us in yet another new direction for the band, as we hear a different style of instrumentation and a departure from the stronger melodic sound of their previous release. It seems Nihiloceros is heading in a darker direction…

This tune doesn’t hit like the normal alternative punk single, being that it doesn’t have a huge chorus or any flashy intro melody…it just starts out with pure attitude and calls in the listener to pay attention to what’s being said. When that chorus does come in, it’s an injection of melancholy unsettlement delivered with a heavy synth layer.

Staying true to the theme of being conventionally unconventional, Nihiloceros brings their style of trading vocals, thrashy verses, and punchy rhythms to create a sound that would marry vintage Alkaline Trio with the Voidz of today. This tune gives the feeling of being lost, but not wishing to rush back to what’s familiar. This is definitely the type of single that leaves you thinking, I wonder what the rest of the album is going to sound like…

Skipper is out now and will be joined by 7 more tracks on May 3rd when the full LP Dark Ice Balloons is set to release. One thing is very clear: Nihiloceros is back with something to say.