slugwater - Slug Sounds I (Cover Artwork)


Slug Sounds I (2024)


And just like that…New York has a new punk band hitting the scene. With Slug Sounds I, Brooklyn punx slugwater are bringing you a brand new…yet somehow familiar sound.

Opening this 4 track EP is the tune In My Way…something that is sure to hook you from the very first riff. I get a sense of Turnstile meets H2O with the eerie instrumentation, NY vocal attitude, and the cohesive 3 chord power riff. There’s melody, there’s energy, and there’s a new track for you to throw on to pump you up in the morning.

In stark contrast, the next tune brings it way down, prompting you to clue in on the lyrics. Immediately we learn that slugwater is not a one-dimensional band. Big Light brings us into a more heavy/emotional vibe consisting of pain, nihilism, and frustration. My initial impression brought me back to the days when I had Kerplunk in the cassette player and No One Knows came on…just a tune that catches you off guard and forces you to pay attention.

Know My Name is the next track and this showcases another kind of sound, with cleaner guitar tones and a synthy lead casting over the top. The mid-tempo drums and shouting vocals give a nod to the 90s alternative, making this 4 track EP really diverse in its sound already. It has me hoping for how cool a longer release would be (even though this has fallen out of style these days).

Lastly, slugwater ends with Play the Tape (Final Girl) send us off wondering what the heck is really going on here. Again, I am reminded of the older days when bands would put their most experimental song last…and maybe even hide a secret track.

Staying true to its name, Slug Sounds I is a real sampler pack of the different flavors that slugwater has to offer. I have a strong feeling there is more to come and that should excite you if you are in the New York punk scene.