The Slime - Trapped on Blood Island (Cover Artwork)

The Slime

Trapped on Blood Island (2024)

Cursed Blessings Records

Hailing from the gritty streets of Toronto, Ontario, The Slime unleashes their ferocious energy in their latest release, "Trapped on Blood Island." This three-track album marks a significant progression for the band, following their brief but intense EP, 'Living on Borrowed Slime,' which aptly captured the essence of 80’s hardcore punk in just four minutes.

Released under the banner of Cursed Blessings Records, The Slime channels the aggressive spirit of bands like Municipal Waste and Suicidal Tendencies, while delving into gruesome themes reminiscent of old horror films.

The album opens with a brief but impactful first track, featuring an excerpt from an unidentified movie before launching into a raw and explosive assault of sound. It sets the tone for what's to come – an adrenaline-fueled journey through dark alleys, slimy sewers, and macabre landscapes.

"Trapped on Blood Island" continues with a catchy and gruesome guitar riff in the second track, reminiscent of the gritty intensity found on Black Flag's 'My War' album. The band's raw energy and relentless pace keep listeners on the edge of their seats.

The final track is a true headbanger, seamlessly transitioning between two songs while maintaining its relentless momentum. Recorded by Dylan Frankland at Candle Recording Studio and Wychwood Sound, the production captures the band's live intensity and raw power.

Overall, "Trapped on Blood Island" is a mosh-heavy album from start to finish, which in no minor due part reflective of their hardcore pioneer predecessors, and pays the utmost due respect towards them. It's the kind of music you'd hear in a grimy venue where drinks are cheap, the cover charge is minimal, and the atmosphere is charged with energy. By the end of the night, your ears will be ringing, a testament to the exhilarating experience of a night well spent in the company of The Slime.