Bold North - In Control (Cover Artwork)

Bold North

In Control (2024)


Bold North rolls those who have betrayed the Twin Cities hardcore outfit in a dirty, stained, carpet with In Control.

The LP kicks you in the teeth with the title track, complete with cymbal-caught riffs, quick double-time drums, and a sludgy bridge, "Edge of the Knife" immediately locks-in with chuddy guitars a-la (good) metal and a more straight-forward approach, easily enticing another slow outro. "Drought" smashes the structure even tighter, wedging the same methodology into one minute and nineteen seconds. This is a successful pattern that multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Colby Sanchez is able to sprinkle throughout In Control, and the proof is in the storytelling.

"Blue Spayed Shoes" hoists a proud ACAB flag in the air, with fun riffage all over the place, and "Crystal Lake" ups the former's gruesome outro with more horror gore and hardcore, and is an absolute standout tune of the nine. "Smackdown" is good and tough, layering a defensive focal airing of grievances over a more East Coast style instrumental. "Talk to Me" blazes sixteenth notes throughout a seance of Sanchez's internal struggles.

"Premonition" sews redemption song to an anxious sonic quality that the album is steering to a close, and the eerie acoustic jawl to "Death Proof" proceeds to drives it to hell and back with nods to Sabbath and early black metal, the record buttoning itself closed perfectly with "I am living in spite of you; I am death proof" under an array of palm-mutes and spooky slide guitar. This is a fun production, Sanchez has a fine knowledge of hardcore punk rock and beyond, and I look forward to more from Bold North.