Shattered Realm - Broken Ties... Spoken Lies (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Shattered Realm

Broken Ties... Spoken Lies (2002)


These guys are tough! They have a skull on their CD, so beware! If that wasn't enough, the press release described vocalist Chris' style as "a fortified growl(whatever the hell that's supposed to mean) and a punishing shout". Yeah, it's punishing alright. Meaning, I feel like I'm being punished by listening to this band. For further proof, look on the back of the booklet to see these guys striking their best "core" poses. Unfortunately, they end up looking like a bunch of wannabe "gangstas" pouting over the fact that they can't afford the new Nelly CD.

I wonder if these guys got together and said " would be cool if we ripped off Hatebreed..Wait! How about we rip off Slayer too!". Because it sure sounds like it. I'm not one to bash bands for not being totally original, but I could predict virtually everthing this band threw at me.

For those of you who like intellectual lyrics, this is a must buy. Lines like "you two faced half stepping punk" and "you will face the hand of doom" will certainly send droves of intellectuals into a frenzy as they try to compete. The song "You've Been Warned" is aptly titled, because I was warned, but unfortunately I listened to this CD anyway and now I'm paying the price.

If you're in a crew that goes to shows and beats people up with help of your friends, you'll love this. Otherwise, stay away. Now excuse me while I hide under my desk, so this band doesn't "bestow pain, eternal suffering, misery, and hatred everlasting" on me.