The Movielife / OneLineDrawing / Vendetta Red - live in Seattle (Cover Artwork)
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The Movielife / OneLineDrawing / Vendetta Red

live in Seattle (2003)

live show

"This is where I live and I fucking love it!" And with those opening words Vendetta Red took the stage and began their set at the Graceland in their hometown Seattle Washington. They were the opening band, preceding One Line Drawling, and The Movielife. The original line up consisted of A Static Lullaby as well, but they had to cancel due to unfortunate family problems. This was yet another great show at the Graceland, filled with energy and emotion. I have to say all three of these bands impressed me more that I expected they would.

Vendetta Red was first. Since we are in Seattle, their hometown, they had a huge following. I was blown away by the crowd's enthusiasm and warm homecoming for the band. This night was extra special for Vendetta Red, since they were filming their set for a forthcoming video. Because of this special occasion, they asked to audience to dance, jump, and dive more than they ever had before. There were no complaints from the crowd, and I am sure there is more than enough crazy footage for their video. Since I came to Seattle for school, lots of people have been telling me to check out this band. Since my friends had talked them up so much, I was in acute anticipation for their set. All I really have to say is wow. The energy was insane. Zak, the front man knew how to rile up the crowd and keep their attention. It was cool to see a band so close to their fans. Vendetta Red has a harder edge, with a lot of screaming vocals as well as some lighter vocals at times. They love to jump into the crowd as they sing and play their instruments, as well as swing their microphones all over the place. If you are in the mood to dance, check these guys out. They are a fun time, and some great music.

After Vendetta Red there was a huge change of pace as One Line Drawling took the stage. I have seen One Line Drawling before in Chicago, but this was the first time I really listened and paid attention to what Jonah had to say in-between and during his songs. This guy cracked me up. He was witty and funny. From listening to his little speeches and lyrics, it is easy to see he is an extremely intelligent man. Jonah was brave enough to throw in some political comments as well. I felt what he had to say was very valid and impacting, "learning and having your own opinion is being an American." He also stressed the importance of people to smile. My favorites of the night included, "Lukewarm" "01-2" "Your Letter" "Bury White" a cover of Sensefield's "Wings" and "Better than This". During "Bury White" Zak from Vendetta Red joined Jonah on stage and helped him sing. The crowd went wild. Jonah continued to joke and converse with the crowd. His music was easy to listen to, and very enjoyable, without becoming repetitive. As he left the stage, Jonah left the crow with his last words of wisdom and said, "Let's turn off our TV's and talk to each other". This guy is the real deal. He sat around the venue after his set and looked for intelligent conversation with his fans, and meant every word he said.

And finally, The Movielife. What and amazing ending to the night. I have to say these guys surprised me. The jumped on stage with and energetic rendition of "Walking on Glass" and the crowd joined in right from the beginning. From their first song to their last, I don't think any of the Movielife's fans missed a lyric. The dancing was crazy, and Vinnie commended Seattle for having the finest group of stage divers he has seen in a long time. They continued to play a lot of tracks off their newest album "40 Hour Train Ride Back to Penn". During "Jamestown" both Zak and Jonah jumped on stage to sing along with the band. This was probably one of the coolest moments of the night. All the bands seemed to be good friends and shared their music with each other, joining each other on stage. The Movielife's set included "Walking on Glass" "Kelly" "Jamestown" "Face on Kneecaps" "Spanaway" "Once in a Row" "It's Something" "Hand Grenade" "I Hope You Die Soon" "Joy to the World" and "Single White Female". There were a few others I think I may have left out. But nonetheless, this band put on an amazing set. I saw them about a month ago when they were on tour with Finch, and that show doesn't even begin to compare to what these guys put on last night. This danceable band kept the energy high, and had even one of the staff members of the venue jump in the pit and crowd surf. I have one bit of advice for you; see these guys when they come to your town.

So, if you like to dance, have fun at shows, and laugh along with the bands on stage, this tour is one you cannot pass up. If you already missed it, go and pick up an album from any of these bands and rock out on your own. It will be time well spent.