Planes Mistaken for Stars - Spearheading the Sin Movement (Cover Artwork)

Planes Mistaken for Stars

Spearheading the Sin Movement (2002)

No Idea

I went into the record store to pick up a couple albums, and I walked away with Rites of Spring's album and this little Planes Mistaken for Stars EP. I listened to Rites first, and got another taste of DC proto-emo. Next, I listened to this. There's no doubt to me that indeed, Planes Mistaken for Stars is an emo band. It may be the angriest, most powerful emo I've ever heard, but it is emo.

It's easy to find the influence of DC bands like Q and not U, Rites of Spring, Embrace, etc., on Planes, and the Gainesville touch that made Hot Water Music (one of Planes Mistaken's labelmates) one of my favorite bands, but Planes is far more intense and furious, darker and angrier. You often hear the word 'cathartic' thrown around when reviewers talk about emo, but it fits here. There's only three tracks, but by the end of 'Bastards', the closer, you could swear that an album had blown by.

Deep Elm refers to Planes as 'Screamo-Core', so whatever the hell that is, I like it. I know people here already love Planes, but this is just another reason to love them more.

Planes Mistaken for Stars will kick your ass.