Pistol Grip - Another Round (Cover Artwork)

Pistol Grip

Another Round (2003)


Scott: "What's this? It sounds like Pennywise."
Me: "No, it's the new Pistol Grip you gave me yesterday."
Scott: "Really, it sounds just like PW only more of a street influence."
Me: "Ha, yeah now that you mentioned it, they do sound like PW after listening to some Stiff Little Fingers and Sham 69."
Scott: "This sucks, I want to listen to the new Polyvinyl release, that label's rocks my cock off into my sock."
Me: "That is fuckin' gross and PV sucks, at least this band doesn't just whine about their prom date that dumped them for the big insensitive jock a week before prom. This band at least has some quasi political lyrics."
Scott: "Yeah but, HEY! They got those new steak quesadillas (yeah I know) at Taco Bell. This cd is still pretty boring every song on here sounds exactly the same, no change in tempos, styles, vocal deliveries, or anything to make it stop sounding like one long song with a bunch of dramatic pauses."
Me: "That's not all true, The Rebels Are Dead is a skaish song and… well… ahhh… that's about it. Goddamn, remember that Nothing Nice To Say comic where they were making fun of Rev. Horton Heat for always sounding the same, well I think that could apply to this band."
Scott: "mmm. Taco Bell is so good, I'm glad I got the grande combo!"
Me: "Yeah and those steak things fuckin' rule the school."
Scott: "So what's your final opinion of the album?"
Me: "Its very generic street punk that starts out really good, but after the first few songs I'm just growing bored, it has nothing to keep me interested. I really think this band is suffering from a bad case of Pennywisits, where they get stuck with one sound that works for them and then get stuck being unable to move beyond it. It also seemed to suffer production wise, the whole record just seemed like it was too slick. I thought some of the songs felt like they were trying to go faster and harder but were kept back."
Scott: "Wow, that is a deep and profound statement, and I got fire sauce on my shirt."
Me: "HA-HA!"