Ramones - It's Alive (Cover Artwork)


It's Alive (1979)


Dee Dee: "1, 2..."
Joey interrupts: "Wait! We're the Ramones, this one's called Rockaway Beach!"
Dee Dee: "1, 2, 3, 4!" and the Ramones blast into a blistering rendition of the almighty Rockaway Beach.

This is the way this live record starts and the Ramones don't slow down for a second on the rest of the record. 28 classic punkrock anthems (all from the first three Ramones masterpiece albums) are played in less than 54 minutes.

The quality is great, the intensity and energy amazing and it rocks extremely hard! Every song is faster and more agressive as the original. This is one of the few live records which really add something to the original recordings (along with Social Distortion's Live at the Roxy and AC/DC's If You Want Blood) and is not just a collection of greatest hits.

But still we get all the hits: "Blitzkrieg Bop", "Rockaway Beach", "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker", "Judy Is A Punk", "We're A Happy Family", "Cretin Hop", "Havanna Affair" and all the covers released on the first three albums. Ofcourse some songs aren't present "53rd & 3rd", "Ramona" and "Locket Love" are in my opinion songs that should've been on It's Alive but you can't have anything (btw. "I Don't Have Anything" should've been on this too".

Still this is THE ultimate live registration of a Ramones show in their prime (please mail me if you've got better bootlegs) and it totally blows "Loco Live" away.