Murphy's Law - The Party's Over (Cover Artwork)

Murphy's Law

The Party's Over (2001)


The original kings of NYHC return with their followup to 96's Dedicated. Jimmy G and company mix together the traditional hard punk sound with classic Murphy humor. For a band that's been around since the early 1980's, it is hard to believe that The Party's Over is only their fifth full length release.

The album flows from frantic punk rock on tracks like Hipocrite, Bitch, and Maximum Lie, to more melodic tunes such as Wasting My Time and the albums only single, Vicky Crown. The album also contains a few songs similiar to old H20 stuff. Mission and Woke Up Tied Up both have catchy sing along choruses that you can't help but have stuck in your head. The band continues to show that they are unaffected by the opinion of the underground scene by throwing in a ska song, Walking Alone. The real highlight of the album is Skinhead Girl, a cover of an old reggae tune. Jimmy and the boys do the song justice, showing off their musical diversity and having a smooth saxophone beat flow on top of the song. They even bring back memories of days gone by when they throw in some of the lyrics to an old fan favorite song Ska Song.

Go out and find this album if you can, I understand that Artemis released them about a year ago but the album is still easily obtained.