Choke - Forward (Cover Artwork)


Forward (1999)



Talk about original.

This is the best band I have ever heard. They are original and are rewriting the way we look at punk. With their extremely fast guitar and drumming it is at times hard to keep up. I took one of their cd's into my guitar teacher and it is probably the only cd i have everseen him have any trouble with. they are a truly unique band, and although i live in Australia and they have never toured here it still has not stopped me from ordering their stuff from Smallman records, which took about 2 months but was well worth the wait.

They are a hard band to describe. To the untrained observer it would seem that the music is extremely offbeat but in fact it is so in beat that they are able to fit 2 beats as the one. Making it sound as though it is a beat off. This is something i have never seen before, and I dont know how they manage to do it with such excellent lyrical content. I find myself that you couldn't make any of their songs any better. as they hardly ever repeat themselves in a song which shows that their choruses are properly stuctured defying all the rules of normal punk.

I also can't figure out why I have continued to like them. Most bands I like and get sick of quite quick but if you look in my collection you will see that there are heaps of cd's just sitting their awaiting to have a spin. but somehow Choke have managed to hog the system for longer than any band.

I am meant to be tellin you about how great this cd is, but i can't define Choke with one album; You need to hear all to undestand how truly unique these musicians are.

So go and get their cd's

(thanks to Jason at Smallman for being such a cool guy.)