Taking Back Sunday/From Autumn to Ashes - live in Seattle (Cover Artwork)
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Taking Back Sunday / From Autumn to Ashes

live in Seattle (2003)

live show

Driving to the Graceland on Friday evening, I knew it was going to be an awesome night no matter what since the sun was beating down, and the weather was perfect, a nice break from the gray Seattle weather I have become too accustomed too. This was also going to be my first time seeing Taking Back Sunday live, and I must admit, I have been listening to their album "Tell All Your Friends" a lot recently, and was in eager anticipation to see their set. They were also playing with From Autumn to Ashes, Recover, and My Chemical Romance (see Interview), three bands I was also eager to see, two of whom I have seen before.

My Chemical Romance was the first to take the stage, and they wasted no time. The line from the sold out show had not even fully entered the venue before they started. MCR got right into their set- packed with power, emotion, loud vocals, and impressive guitar. This five piece band from Jersey rocked the crowd. They are just starting to get their name out, and I was impressed at their budding following supporting them from the front of the stage. They played the majority of their set from their first full length album "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love" release on Eyeball Records. After seeing their set, I was impressed. I thought they played much better than when I saw them in the beginning of the year with Piebald. As they left the stage, I was excited to interview these guys, and hear what they had to say.

After MCR, Recover played. This is the fourth time I have seen Recover, and I have to say it took me a while to get into them. I am now becoming more partial to their music, and enjoy listening to them, but at the same time, I felt that their previous performances were more impressive than their set this time. Their sound had both softer vocals accompanied by screaming. These Texas boys are proud of their Texas origin, and hung their state flag over their merch table with made me laugh. I guess overall I would rate their set as ok, but I know they can have much more energy and character on stage. My favorite song of the night was "I'm Betting All I Have" off of their album Rodeo and Picasso on Fueled by Ramen. I had to leave during the end of Recover's set to do my interview with My Chemical Romance, but from what I saw I was pleased.

From Autumn to Ashes was the third band of the night. I had never seen them before, and was not completely sure as of what to expect. The Interview spilled over into the beginning of their set so unfortunately I missed their first few songs. But when I came back into the venue I was blown away. Maybe it was because the sound was so loud that night, or the fact that the vocals were incredible. From Autumn to Ashes is a band with a crazy sound. These guys go all out on stage. They got the crowd pumped up and dancing. I would not say that this music is necessarily my style, but they sold their set to me. If you are into the more hardcore sound check these guys out, and see them live.

And finally Taking Back Sunday. I could not wait for this band to take the stage. I have been listening to them so much lately and was ready to sing along to the whole set. Their catchy tunes have obviously caught on. The venue was jammed pack, with every other kid wearing some sort or Taking Back Sunday article of clothing. From the Second they got on stage to the second they left the stage, the crowd did not stop dancing. It got to a point were the crowd almost got too annoying. The dancing and screaming was beginning to interfere with the music, but from the guys on stage, they loved it. Crowd surfers and stage divers everywhere. The bouncers got their workout for the nigh. As TBS began "Your So Last Summer" I was standing aside and a little girl trying to fight her way to the bathroom full out collapsed on the floor. Obviously the young crowd was new at this experience, and stood and watched her fall. I grabbed the guy next to me and we carried her outside to get her some fresh air and re-hydrated. The EMT's took it from there. So I missed my favorite song, but hey, at least she was ok. Some kids still need to learn their concert etiquette. Their set consisted of almost every track off of Tell All Your Friends. They played a few new songs that sounded really good. I am eager to hear more from this band. They finished the night with and incredible version of "You Know How I Do". TBS are great performers, and you can't resist their catchy sound and danceable songs.

This show was a fun one. Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance impressed me incredibly. And the others were enjoyable too. If you are up for a show with young routy, see this tour.