Brandtson - Death and Taxes (Cover Artwork)


Death and Taxes (2003)

Deep Elm

I had this EP preordered from Brandtson so I received it today. It's good stuff, certainly doesn't disappoint. First thing that I noticed that the track lengths were a little short for Brandtson type songs. Truth is the songs are somewhat different from what I'm used to from Brandtson. Seems a bit more poppy on the whole.

Song by song:
You Do The Science Definitely a fun song. The two vocalists harmonize really well in this song and they do interesting stuff with fade effects. The guitar work is creative as well.

On Three Cool song about ambition and drive. Pretty fast paced for a Brandtson song, but definitely really catchy. The lyrics of this song really appeal to me.

Your chance to live is right before you. So put it down on paper. Sing it out loud. Lock yourself in your room, and come out as beautiful as you are.

Circa 1991 Song about finding "the one" so to speak. Outstanding vocal work on this one again, even if the lyrics are a tad cliched.

In The Pills Sad emo breakup song. Another good tune, nothing all that remarkable about it, but it's a solid track.

Ain't No Trip To Cleveland Fastest song on the EP and my opinion the weakest. That doesn't mean much on a great CD like this though.

In A Word This song takes Brandtson's sound in a new direction. At times it reminds me a lot of Sunny Day Real Estate. There's a lot to like in this song.

As a a sort of side note, the cover art and design is pretty cool. The lyrics are included in the insert, which I always like.

Overall, the EP is a good buy, but certainly not my favorite from Brandtson. All the songs are good, but it doesn't draw me in completely as Brandtson's past works have done. In the end, it's a good release and I look forward to their next full length.