Cursive/Appleseed Cast/Putrescine - live in Seattle (Cover Artwork)
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Cursive / Appleseed Cast / Putrescine

live in Seattle (2003)

live show

Cursive owns me. I love this band so much. Have you ever had a band whose music you respect and love to a point where it is indescribable? For me this band is Cursive. When I saw them Friday night with The Appleseed Cast and Putrescine at the Graceland in Seattle, I knew I was in for a treat. To know that you are about to see a band that you connect with in an awesome way is one of the best feelings ever. I had already seen two shows of Cursive's Ugly Organ tour in both Chicago and New York over my spring break. And each time I saw them, it got better and better, so when Friday night rolled around, I was a little too excited for the show.

So, I went to this show alone. I had some friends who were thinking of coming but were not able to make it. At first I was a little bummed that I was going to be there alone, but then I realized that no matter who I was with, I would probably pay no attention to. My attention would be completely focused on Cursive, and I would be in my own world. As I walked into the show, I kept an open mind as I watched the opening bands. Sure they weren't cursive, but they deserved a fair chance, and review. The first band was Putrescine, a three piece from Nebraska. They had a rougher sound with screaming vocals. They were not really my style, and seemed to have a hard time getting the crowd excited. However, there sound wasn't too bad, and I am curious to hear more of their music. If you are into more of the stripped down sound with raw vocals, you should check them out.

One down and one to go until Cursive – up next, The Appleseed Cast. Before they went on, I ran into some other friends and we watched the show together. This band was a big surprise for me. I had never heard their music before and I had received mixed reviews on them from several people. Within the first few minutes of their first song I was sold. These guys are extremely talented. This five-piece band from Kansas had a much more slow and melodic sound. Their songs often began with long instrumental interludes, soon accompanied by softer vocals. Before the end of the night I bought their CD Lost Songs. These guys earned another point of approval from me when they expressed their wishes of George W. leaving office. These guys were great. Go see them if you have a chance.

And finally, but not soon enough, it was time for Cursive. As the band took the stage they received a warm welcome from Seattle. Tim, with his fresh haircut, got right to playing as they began their set with "Some Red Handed Sleight of Hand." I was now in my element. This band does something to me that I can't explain. I am sure you all have you bands out there that you feel the same way about, and when you get to see them live, you know what I am talking about. Cursive played a mixture of songs mainly from The Ugly Organ, Domestica, and the Burst and Bloom e.p.. The Ugly Organ, their newest release on Saddle Creek Records, is up there in my top five albums - coming extremely close to the number one spot. In this album, Cursive continues to keep their own style while bringing new methods to their music. My favorites of the night included a slower rendition of "The Radiator Hums", "A Gentleman Caller", "The Martyr" and "Sink to the Beat". They also played: The Causality, The Lament of Pretty Baby, The Recluse, Art is Hard, Driftwood, Staying Alive (I think I covered most of them). Cursive had an extremely long set, but it did not seem close enough. When this band plays, I love how Tim mixes up the vocals and adds variations to their songs. His voice is captivating and when he draws out the beginning lines to songs such as the Martyr, it is unbelievable. If you pass up seeing Cursive when they come to your town, you are crazy. I feel this band is among the most talented around today. I feel like any words I write will do them injustice. All I can say is check them out for yourself and make your own decision.

So the night was great. Thank you Cursive for making amazing music, being original, and not confining to the mainstream music world. As for the opening bands, their sets were well worth my time, and I would give them a chance if I were you, especially The Appleseed Cast. So if you want a night of honest music and talent, see this show.