Frenzal Rhomb - Sans Souci (Cover Artwork)

Frenzal Rhomb

Sans Souci (2003)

Fat Wreck Chords

Whopper with cheese

Frenzal Rhomb are Australia's top punk export, and on 'Sans Souci' they show why. Frenzal are back to their best on this.

Songs like 'The World's Fuckedest Cunt', 'Cocksucker' and 'Russel Crowe's Band Is a Fuckin' Pile Of Shit' will give you an idea of what you're in for. When they play it fast they play it real fast. The drumming is top notch.

The lyrics are as always clever. Im sorry but im a sucker for stupid humour. Some politics are touched on in songs like 'White World' but for the most part they stick to stuff like 'I went out with a hippy and now i love everyone except her'.

The guitar work is good and new bass player can slap and pop just as good as Lex.

If you like NoFX and Guttermouth and the Australian accent, this disc comes highly recommended. It also comes with a bonus DVD with film clips for 'Ballchef' and 'Bucket Bong', and bunch of live clips and some home movies. Beauty bonza!