Murder City Devils - R.I.P. (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Murder City Devils

R.I.P. (2003)

Sub Pop

I hate listening to this CD, for it only reminds me of how stupid I am for not catching murder city's last show. I didn't even do anything exciting, I went to a different show or something silly like that. I was planning to go to it, too! Even worse – the openers were BOTCH (missed their last show as well) and AMERICAN STEEL. Ah, well. It's ironic because I still have the show poster.

This CD completely kicks my ass. If you are planning to hear The Murder City Devil's for the first time, I suggest that you buy one of their 3 albums (their EP, Thelema, isn't the right place to start, either. It's a much more experienced and mature mcd. Their albums, however, are much more rock and exciting). Murder city is definitely an something to experience live. Spencer's infectious moves and the charisma of the rest of the band is just stunning. However, they do not sound exactly like recordings. Bluntly: This CD is completely raw. If you've never seen the Devils live this is what you can expect of them – rowdy, eager, and not to mention drunk. Unlike typical pop punk bands, you won't be hearing the same as on their record, they bring more to the stage. Spencer fucks up the lyrics a lot, and Coady misses a few beats, but that's what makes this cd better. This is the closest thing to seeing the Murder City Devils live, because it is not a practiced or recorded mcd, it is all of the energy and love that the Devils have brought to the stage over the years. Yeah, i'm reitterating the same point over and over. However, there is not much else to say. This CD is just astonishing. Because, hey, it's like the Devils live, and they were incredible live.

Also, if in fact you have NEVER heard the Murder City Devils before, I'll give you a quick run down. Basically, fast rock and roll with INCREDIBLE vocals. I can't explain the way that Spencers voice sounds - but it is nothing short of amazing. Most of their songs have something to do with a.) cowboys b.) truckers, or c.) sailors. It's very hard to think of bands that sound similar to them.. I've been listening to them for a while and I honestly cannot think of any other performers to compare them with. So just think fast rock and roll, amazing vocals, and fun lyrics.

There are two unreleased songs on this CD, Waltz (track 8) and Grace That Saves (track 19). While Waltz was an alright song, Grace That Saves is just PHENOMINAL. Towards the end it is mostly just Spencer and guitar distortion, and even though it was a new song it was definitely a great way to end the amazing career of The Murder City Devils.

Listen to this album twice through and you'll be completely hooked. I promise.

Guest Highlights:
Idle Hands (track 11) - Some of the members of Botch sing along.
Boom Swagger (track 12) – Andrea Zollo sings along, like on the CD.
Kathleen Wilson of the Stranger writes the commentary inside the booklet.