Death By Stereo - Into The Valley Of Death (Cover Artwork)

Death By Stereo

Into The Valley Of Death (2003)


In the past, hardcore rockers Death By Stereo have been reguarded as more than the typical hardcore band, known for their intense live shows and the sucess of other epitaph releases, they have built up quite a following, and this release "Into the valley of death" will only see it growing more.

The first few tracks set the pace for the album, fast, intense and hard, "The Plague" "Beyond The Blinders" and "Wasted Words" from last year's punk-o-rama start out the album and show exactly what the listener is in for.

DBS has, to use a cliche, matured as a band, intricate guitar work laces every song and the band, as a unit has come together even better than previous efforts. While there are not surprises at ever corner, DBS has thrown enough curveballs into the mix to make this more interesting than previous efforts.

This album seemingly never slows down, with it's intense beat it rocks from start to finish, and still there are DBS' long and insightful song titles such as "You're a bullshit salesman with a mouth full of samples", this is clearly still DBS.

With this release, DBS has made something that is a rarity in these Metal-core infested actual hardcore album, by not trying to be a hardcore, emo and metal band at the same time, DBS is showing From Autumn to Ashes how its done, and at the same time showing everyone that you don't need a dude who screams and a dude who whines in every band. This is hardcore, and Death By Stereo have taken the reigns.

This band isnt starting a revoloution with this one, but it is still incredibly enjoyable and a gem to any fan of the genre. If you enjoyed Death By Stereo's previous releases, you will love this one, as it is one step beyond their past, and if you are not a fan as of yet I suggest you check this out, especially if you like other bands of the sort. This band gets better with every release and hold a bright future in front of them.