The Intima - Peril & Panic (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Intima

Peril & Panic (2003)


If Fugazi went folk, you'd have the Intima.

If Cursive went unplugged and boosted up their string section, you'd have the Intima.

If political punk bands got a college education and de-spiked the mohawk, you'd have the Intima.

If Godspeed You! Black Emperor wasn't so goddamn pretentious, you'd have the Intima.

If the creepy background music you only hear in your nightmares appeared in reality, you'd have the Intima.

If you secretly harbor affection for the Eastern European stylings System Of A Down works in their songs but wish they'd drop the metal schtick, you'd have the Intima.

If you like bands who write socially and politically conscious songs ["Blue Coffins," for example, is about 1982 massacre in El Salvador], you'd have the Intima.

If you like bands who, instead of putting lyrics in their liner notes, explain the meanings behind songs, you'd have the Intima.

This isn't the most accessible CD out there. I know I was turned off after the first listen or so. But once I let it become my late night soundtrack to whatever was going on in my life at the time [and took the time out to read the liner notes], I came to really appreciate the Intima, in all their unaccessable glory. Worth a listen if you're open-minded.

Standout tracks: New Roots, Blue Coffins

Blue Coffins
Angular Walking
From Exile
The New Savage