Blueline Medic - Text_Bomb (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Blueline Medic

Text_Bomb (2003)

Fueled By Ramen

I feel like there's a lot more to this disc than meets the eye, and for some reason I just can't see it. Blueline Medic is obviously a talented foursome from down under who carries a deep appreciation for the melodicism and lyricism Jawbreaker made famous in the mid-nineties. The band has studied the aggressive-yet-kind form of pop-punk well, utilizing it on tracks like the upbeat opener "Sleepyhead." They're also not afraid to downshift for a time, showcasing their balladry on "Loss" and "Scotch In The Clown." These could have very well been Jawbreaker songs circa-Dear You, only with an Australian accent providing the vocals.

So I listen to the album and can pull out these little analogies and comparisons, but for some reason I still feel distant to this disc, like I can't make a connection to it. I don't know if my ears just tune out the fairly repetitive sound as the CD wanes into it's final tracks. I'm not sure if it's because of the lack of real, honest-to-god hooks throughout the album, leaving me with nothing to really latch onto [dangerous territory in this style of punk, to be sure].

Whatever it is, it frustrates me, because I really feel like I should like this album a lot more than I do. It's enjoyable, but doesn't really hold much of a replay value for me - it tends to just turn into white noise in my mind as I go about my daily business.

Maybe it's just not for me, but if you really dig the style of emotional pop punk that Jawbreaker helped forge, check out Blueline Medic. Hopefully you can crack the code of this text bomb before it blows up in my face.