The Fight - Home Is Where The Hate Is (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Fight

Home Is Where The Hate Is (2003)

Fat Wreck Chords

The Fight's debut EP, Home is Where the Hate Is on Fat Wreck Chords displays a lot of potential. These kids (between the ages of 16 and 18) come from Dudley, England and they have talent. Although it has nothing to do with the music, it must be noted, that this album has some of the most annoying cover art ever, which could turn off people who are just browsing through the record store. It's a collage of band member photos (wow, that ass shot on the back really encourages purchasing) and the band's name and logo. It just isn't very aesthetically pleasing.

The Fight claims influences of Gen X, The Clash, and The Buzzcocks, but they're nowhere near that level yet. If anything, this EP reminds me of Sum 41's Half Hour of Power with a female vocalist, K8 (Just spell the name, it's not that difficult). These kids play hard and fast, the opener "Forgotten Generation" is quick and catchy with a "whoa-oh" chorus. The sounds seems like it would translate well into a live show full of energy. K8's vocals are incredibly strong; she has a really good voice. At times, the vocals are even reminiscent of Bjork.

This band packs seven songs into 20-fun filled minutes. Sure the lyrics are slightly amateur, but they're still a really young band. K8 and her brother Jack man the song-writing responsibilities and songs like "Greebo Wannabe" really show a high school mentality. "You're a Greebo Wannabe you wanna look like me when you dye your hair," now that's deep. The highlight of the album is probably a cover of "(I'm Running Around In) Circles" originally by The Circles.

This album shows a band that could probably make something of themselves if they keep at it. They're already working on a full length with producer Neil Avron (Everclear, New Found Glory, SR-71). On the other hand… maybe this talent is about to be completely wasted.