The Moldy Peaches - Moldy Peaches 2000 (Cover Artwork)

The Moldy Peaches

Moldy Peaches 2000 (2003)

Rough Trade

When I first heard the Moldy Peaches I was blown away. I did not know what to think, where to turn, what to do next. Their sound is that powerful. It was powerful enough to make me want to listen more. It's completely different that what most bands are putting out there today. They are lyrical geniuses with a dab of humor and a pinch of intelligence. Okay, maybe more than a pinch and a dab, a lot more.

The Two Disc Cd containing fifty five, yes, fifty five live tracks is astounding. It starts you out with two answering machine messages left to Adam Green from Kimya Dawson as the first course, the second a delicious blend of older recordings that show how much they have progressed, and topping you off with newer better quality recordings of, mainly, the same songs. Give or take a few. Though, no matter if it's the first course of the second, both are fulfilling on their own. Think of this two disk-er as a buffet, except someone else already picked out your dishes. All exquisite in their own ways.

The tracks that stuck out to me were ‘On Top ', ‘Rainbows', ‘steak for chicken' and so many more. They did a mean cover of ‘two princes' by the spin doctors as well as a sultry one of ‘big girls don't cry' by four seasons. Kimya and Adams voices never cease to amaze me. They are so different from each other, yet they fit so well together.

Known by most for their quirky stage costumes, and different sound, this anti-folk band is loved by many abroad. The New York natives know how to rock, and they are good at it. Give them a listen if you haven't already. A good listen, and another good listen.

Don't let your ears deceive you the first time. Listen a few times. Listen for what it is, not for what it isn't.