Manic Hispanic - Mijo Goes To Jr. College (Cover Artwork)

Manic Hispanic

Mijo Goes To Jr. College (2003)


The boys from Manic Hispanic are back, still dodging the border patrol, crusing around in lowriders, and running from a liorona. For those not in the know MH is a Hispanic version of Weird Al that trashes classic punk rather than the top 40. The songs are still funny dealing mostly with Hispanic street culture and prove once again that stereotypes are funny.

Musically this band doesn't miss a beat and all the songs sound dead on, and the jokes are funny, but this band just failed to make a lasting impression on me. Most of the songs got old after only a couple of listens and I found that compared to the last record I didn't like it as much. I think a lot of this had to do with the choice of songs. Too many of them came from older bands that just didn't translate well into a joke. Partly because I didn't know all the songs like on the first album, i.e. not being a Damned or Dickies fan three of the songs are completely lost on me because I have never heard the original version. I think that this fact will also alienate many of these bands' fans, which are probably of the younger generation, and won't recognize any of these.

I did hear that this band is fun live so you might to check that out, but I couldn't see buying this album unless you're a big fan of the bands being covered and want to hear that.

Trippin On Mi Ruca- Drinking About My Baby– Damned
Brand New Impala- Brand New Cadillac- The Clash
Tio's Got a Secret- What We Do Is Secret- the Germs
Cruise- The Brews- NOFX
Barrio Love- Barbed Wire Love- Stiff Little Fingers
Creeper is A Lowrider- Sheena Is a Punk Rocker Ramones
My Homeboy is a Joto- Johnny's Got a Problem- D.I.
Big Heinas- Big Women- GBH
Menudo Morning Nightmare- Sunday Morning Nightmare- Sham 69
The I.N.S. Took My Novia Away- The KKK Took My Baby Away- Ramones
La Crusher- The Crusher- Ramones
Get Up Your Late- You Drive Me Ape- Dickies
She Turned Into Liorona- I Turned Into A Martian- Misfits
Lupe, I'm Free- Melody Lee- Damned
Code Brown- Code Blue- TSOL
I Want To Be a Cholo- Urban Struggle- Vandals