The Transplants/Roger Miret and the Disasters - live in New York City (Cover Artwork)

The Transplants / Roger Miret and the Disasters

live in New York City (2003)

live show


Stroll up to Irving Plaza for the avoid one thing, Roger Miret and the Disasters, The Transplants, and Lagwagon show. Wait on line, doors open at 8, and let the rock begin.

First up was Avoid One Thing, and i gotta say, compared to the last time i saw them they were much better this night. They played about 8 songs, and introduced two new ones. One of which had a really cool ska/reggae vibe to it that picked up in certain parts.So as an opener goes i would say Avoid One Thing was very good.

Next up NYC's very own Roger Miret and the Disasters. They played a short set, but like the other times i have seen them they didn't dissapoint one bit, even the security seemed to getting into the music. Best songs of the night were, give em the boot, career oppurtunities, and New York belongs to me. And New york almost did belong to them that night, but they were soon to be overshadowed by the band that almost everybody wanted to see, or were at least curious to see.

It was about a 20-25 minute wait for The Transplants, and the wait was well worth it. First to hit the stage was Travis Barker and Matt Freeman. They then Proceeded to jam for about 20 seconds or so leading up to Craig from The Forgotten, Rob Aston, and Tim Armstrong rushing the stage to launch into one seventeen. For about the next 40 minutes or so they never really let up. They sounded a bit sloppy at times but only because jumping around and going into the crowd quite a bit. Little talking was done in between songs, Rob said thanks a bunch of times, and i think the only thing Tim said was thanks, and he also threw a shout out to Billie Joe of Green Day, who was in attedance. HIghlights of their set for me were D.J D.J., White Riot, California Bablyon, and suprisingly show closer Tall Cans In The Air.They Also threw in a Skarhead cover, which got the place going even more.

Unfortunately i did not stay for Lagwagon, i respect them, but i'm just not a fan, although someone told me they played a really good set. Going into and Leaving Irving Plaza was a bit surreal, it was like a who's who of punk hanging outside. Spotted were: Billie Joe, Todd and Toby from H2O, members of the Ny relx, Tim Armstrong, Rob, Travis, Craig, All the disasters, and the Pete. So all in all this show was at least worth a score of 8.