Anti-Flag - Underground Network (Cover Artwork)


Underground Network (2001)

Fat Wreck Chords

After months of anticipation I finally picked up the new Anti-Flag cd. I have been a fan of Anti-Flag for a long time. When I saw them in march I heard them play "This Machine Kills Fascists" and I thought that song was awsome. This cd is a great followup to New Kind of Army. The songs sound like a natural progression from that album.

I thought that "This Machine Kills Fascists" (basically a song against the fascists of the world) "Angry, Young and Poor" (about growing up poor and pissed off), "Stars and Stripes" (about the mass genocide of the native americans and the US imperialism in the third world) , "Underground Network" (a call to create a new media, one that is separate from corporate control), and "Panama Deception"(one of two songs about the imperialism of central america by US) are among some of the best songs.

The liner notes of this cd was awsome. This booklet included an essay that was written for this cd by Howard Zinn. It also has exerpts from essays by Norm Chomsky and Matthew Rothschild. The last page of this booklet has a list of websites that offer information that is uncensored and free from corperate control. The artwork in this booklet is very cool as well. All the pictures are of different types of protest and things that should make a person angry. They are done in a black and red ink, which makes it very interesting and revolutionary.

I recomend this cd to all Anti-Flag fans. I think that anyone that likes old school political street punk should pick this one up.