Various - Point Break Volume 1 (Cover Artwork)
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Point Break Volume 1 (2002)


Compilations are usually a mixed bag; you get some tracks you love, some you hate, and others that don't move you either way. Here, SideCho has given us a sort of hardcore, metalcore, etc. starter kit. The inaugural volume of Point Break features tracks from bands such as In Flames, Give Up The Ghost(billed as American Nothing or American Nightmare on some copies), Thrice, Ensign, Avenged Sevenfold, Shadows Fall, and Soilwork.

There is something for almost everyone here. If you are trying to get into any of the aforementioned genres and you aren't familiar with the bands on this comp, this is a must buy. The people at SideCho did a really good job of picking a variety of songs and artists here. It's kind of strange to hear Ensign wedged between In Flames and Meshuggah, but that's just a testament to the level of diversity on here. The standout tracks on here would probably be: Soilwork-"Follow the Hollow", Stretch Armstrong-"For the Record", and Give Up The Ghost-"AM/PM". The Soilwork track is a fine example of this band's style of melodic metal, if you're into that genre and you don't know Soilwork, be sure to check them out. Kudos to SideCho for picking this Stretch Armstrong song, in my opinion is one of the best and most fun to sing positive hardcore songs in recent memory. The Give Up The Ghost track, is as expected, a fast aggressive song about heartache that is punctuated by Wes Eisold's trademark throat-ripping vocals.

With all the positives about this album, there is one glaring flaw. Most, if not all of these songs have seen the light of day on other releases, some have even appeared on various other compilations. If you're already familiar with most of these bands, chances are, almost none of these songs are new to you. However, like I said earlier, for someone that is new to these genres, this compilation is a veritable treasure trove of quality and diversity.