The Agency/Where Fear and Weapons Meet - live in Miami (Cover Artwork)

The Agency / Where Fear and Weapons Meet

live in Miami (2003)

live show

I was extremely excited about this show. My Friends and I left right on time so we would not miss a thing. I had never seen The Agency live before because I got into them by my friend's brother after they had broken up. I instantly fell in love with them and I knew I had to go this reunion show.

The first band to play was Dance Floor Justice, a hardcore band from Miami. They had great stage presence and knew how to work the crowd. I had never heard them before so I couldn't get into them as much as I wanted to but the other kids were going crazy.

We then waited for about half an hour and this band Time Will Tell played. This was probably the most unoriginal and generic band I have ever seen. Imagine Allister, The Starting Line, NFG, and Rufio all in one, but even worse. They were having a video shoot, which I still can't explain.

Next was Where Fear and Weapons Meet. They were amazing. The singer was so into what he was doing that it made them so much better. He jumped into the crowd with the mic and let the audience sing. He also seemed like a pretty cool guy. I don't really know the names of most of their songs but I know they played Turning the Tide and Under the Bridge. If you haven't heard these guys you should really check them out.

Finally the highlight of the show THE AGENCY. They took a long time to set up because they were having technical difficulties, but it was well worth the wait. Mike Marsh, the drummer and one of the singers, could not use his headset because it was messed up for some reason so he had to sing into a mic and play drums at the same time. He played impeccably. Klaus, the other singer, also sang remarkably. They sang almost all of the songs off their 2000 release Engines and some old songs. They played the Seville song Cast It and Dan Bonebrake came on stage to sing. The highlights of the night were Lost and Found and Sinking. I hope these guys do another reunion show. This is definitely one of the best shows I have ever been to.