No Warning - Ill Blood (Cover Artwork)
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No Warning

Ill Blood (2002)

Bridge 9

No Warning is a band out of Toronto, Ontario that has managed to find themselves a niche in the genre of New York styled hardcore. This CD sat on my review pile for what seemed like forever, being constantly overlooked. Maybe it was the simple cover art, or the band's generic name; either way, this CD was consistently passed over for flashier bands. When I finally did put this into my CD player, I regretted my procrastination, as this was a catchy disc chalk full of shout along quality hardcore.

No Warning is sort of a throwback to bands like Madball and Biohazard who at one time or another have defined the New York scene. Their misanthropic lyrics combined with the relentlessly driving guitars are enough to send the listener into convulsions, while creating a one person circle pit in their bedroom. Yes, these guys are angry; yes, these guys are bitter; yes, this makes for a good album. For a relatively new band, No Warning does an excellent job of capturing the attention of the listener and not letting go until they've had their say. The songs have so much energy, that it would be tough not to get pumped up after listening to them. Also, for those of you keeping score, this record features guest appearances by Porter from Floorpunch (yes, there's a band called Floorpunch) and Matt Henderson of Madball. So if you're a sucker for name dropping (I know I am), there's your reason to check these guys out. I think the highlight of this album for me is the shouted line"please don't waste my time!" during the chorus of the song "Short Fuse", it invokes mental images of pile ups, finger pointing, and stage diving that never ends.

So, if you're a fan of bands like Biohazard, Madball, and other NYHC greats, No Warning just might be for you. If you like your hardcore fast, aggressive, and energetic, then No Warning may also suit your tastes quite well. This isn't the prettiest CD, it's certainly not the least bit flashy, but it does what it does very well. This is a no nonsense album from a no nonsense band.

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