E-Town Concrete - The Renaissance (Cover Artwork)

E-Town Concrete

The Renaissance (2003)

Razor & Tie

Goddamn does this album suck hard. This band shoots so hard for Madball but ends up missing and missing by a large margin and ends up hitting bad P.O.D. meets bad Hatebreed. Now this comparison begs the obvious question "is there ever any good P.O.D. or Hatebreed?" Well, ah, no and that makes my point about this album.

Basically what you get here is ten tracks of tough guy nu-metal that tries to throw in some hardcore riffs in some songs, but the lyrics are so cheesy that they are funny. I actually had to stop listening to this at work because I was just laughing so hard at these guys. They remind me of the dirty kids(and not in the fun crusty punk way) that went to my high school that walked around in ICP and Limp Bizkit shirts and would call everyone they didn't like fag and try to pick fights with them, but usually wound up getting their ass kicked by the nerdy kid who just happened to have a black belt.

Don't waste your time with this stuff, if you want hardcore with some rap pick up Madball and skip this. The cd does link you to a secret site, but I have no idea what's in it cause they wanted my email so they could send me updates, I thought don't you dare. But to end this on a positive note, the nu-metal stuff is real popular here so I'm probably going to get top dollar at co-op later on, so no Beast for me this weekend.

The ETC crew is going to kick my ass for this.