Slapshot - Greatest Hits, Slashes, and Crosschecks (Cover Artwork)


Greatest Hits, Slashes, and Crosschecks (2003)

Bridge 9

While having a continuous revolving door of members Boston's finest Slapshot is still running after nearly two decades carrying the hardcore flag high above their heads and daring anyone to step up and try to take it. With that said it also takes a lot of guts in the punk world to do a "greatest hits" album, but Slapshot is able to pull it off without the corniness that often accompanies them. The current line up has gone back into the studio to record all hardcore anthems again, and a couple of new ones for the older fans.

First off all the good songs are here and they sound great. None of the original aggression and power is lost, and with the better production the tracks sound great. All the songs that fueled the New England pits are accounted for including Step On It, Chip On My Shoulder, 16 Valve Hate, Firewalker, Hang Up Your Boots, Old Tyme Hardcore, and of course Boston's anthem, "Back On The Map.

But where this album really shines is showing that this band is not content to rest on its laurels with two new songs Crossover Sucks attacking shitty nu-metal bands and , which would be funny if it happened, (c'mon think of the irony!). While I've always had love for this band, some of the lyrics can get bogged down in thuggy tough guy shit, which while written in their younger days, does seem a bit foolish coming out of the mouths of guys twice my age.

For all that I still enjoy the songs and this a great batch of songs to release your feelings of anger and frustrations, while tearing up any pit in the vicinity. The packaging of this record shows a lot of care and attention by giving the fans a detailed history of the band and tons of pictures that span their entire career. The disc is also enhanced with live footage, flyers and links to websites. The most important thing about this album is that it shows the staying power of a band can keep playing music that is harder, faster, and angrier than many groups that are half their age and will continue to do so.