FM Knives - Useless & Modern (Cover Artwork)

FM Knives

Useless & Modern (2003)


This band is probably really tired of this comparison but I have to say it, they sound just like the Buzzcocks with just a little bit more pop. But don't let that p word scare you away punk this is the real deal, this is straight up '77 style punk with a little polish, a lot of heart, and a whole 13 tracks of musical goodness.

Really I can't say much more about this album without making this sound like some fanzine review and will end up with me gushing about this band and telling you about how I've listened to it at work at least once a day for the past two months, or how friends of mine that aren't into punk have enjoyed it, or, how this two hundred word minimum is bullshit. I highly suggest the songs I Live Alone, T.V. Light, and Dead Pink which has very familiar sounding intro that I just can't place right now. But these are just a few of the highlights on an all together solid debut album that I think many bands would be proud to call their best.

All I can honestly say that people if you have a slight interest in punk you should be checking this band out, if not you will be kicking yourself later for not being able to say "I was into them back when they first came out" or something like that. But don't take my word for it, if you follow the link below you can stream every track from this album and see for yourself.