Death On Wednesday - Songs To ____ To (Cover Artwork)
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Death On Wednesday

Songs To ____ To (2003)


I'm in a terrible mood [which has nothing to do with this CD], so I'll make this quick: Death On Wednesday is what the Smoking Popes would have sounded like had they been from Southern California.

The band's 6 song EP [5 listed, 1 hidden] blends the morose vocal inflections of one Josh Caterer and fuses them together with a more punk influence coming from bands like Social Distortion and maybe even earlier Face To Face. Opening track "Simple Life" is an ass-shaker if there ever was one, with gang vocals supplying your daily allowance of "woahs." "Sympathy" is the group's first stab at an acoustic track, and lead vocalist Nathan Lawler sounds terrific on the song's chorus of "now you're killing me with your sympathy / and I don't want it that way and I don't want it here tonight."

Listed EP closer "Wait For Love" sounds *just* like "Gotta Know Right Now" by the aforementioned Popes, so if you like that song, you'll like this one, too. Then there's a hidden track that I don't so much care for, a bit of a folksy acoustic number that I'd rather skip over.

Overall, Death On Wednesday is good mid-tempo pop punk that succeeds in being entertaining while still being wholly unoriginal. Not a bad job.

Simple Life
Wait For Love